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What you can’t get from intake forms and observation, you will get from Wholistic Methylation®!

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Introducing Wholistic Methylation™ DNA Testing.

Download samples of all our reports. Each one is unique. Together they will give you a complete picture of your patient’s genetic blueprint.


How we’re different

The My Happy Genes DNA Test analyzes more genes than all of the competition.

Our private lab will sort through over 675,000 SNP’s.

Our powerful MHG-3D® v.3.0 technology assesses over 500 genes… and we add new relevant gene discoveries as soon as they are published.

My Happy Genes DNA kit

PRIVACY is incredibly important to us and our lab. Each test performed is identified only by the barcode on the test kit. Our lab will be deleting your sample 90 days after arrival and Wholistic Methylation® site will always allow you to delete any information at any time.

The MHG® Healthy Genes Report will give you amazing insights and clarity about exactly how your patient’s genes express themselves and are affecting the risk of many diseases.


How our test is simpler and easier for the patient

Many DNA testing companies require large amounts of saliva to be collected. Using a swab instead of spit is easier to use for many patients.

The MHG Healthy Genes Report will give you otherwise unknowable and actionable insights. In many cases it will give you the missing piece of your work for a client.

 You’ll know exactly how your patient’s genes express themselves and are affecting their risk for mental and physical problems.

Did you miss something in that hard to help client or did they leave something out?

It’s likely you’ve done all you can based on the tests you’ve run and the protocols you’ve recommended. 

You’ve used all of the tools in your toolbox but the patient still suffers with symptoms of dis-ease.

They feel hopeless, you feel frustrated or, at worst, inadequate.

We can help.

My Happy Genes testing and reports open a window into the cellular profile

of your patients and clients so that you can truly customize protocols and supplementation recommendations in a way you simply can’t without it.

The kinds of results you can expect for your patients

The first thing usually reported to me after taking the genetic program for the first time is that they feel a “sense of peace”. No more anxiety, depression, PTSD, Panic attacks, fears or a feeling of struggle – their mind and heart are at peace, though their circumstances have not changed. 

The next usually is that their physical symptoms are gone or much, much better. They also report not having such sensitivity and symptoms from food allergies after one month on the program! Rashes clear, digestive issues abate, even tremors stop or greatly reduce, people are in awe of these programs!

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