Enrich your practice and help more patients with DNA

You Can Finally Understand The True Origins of Disease...
On a Genetic Level!

Our DNA testing identifies even more of the genes that are related to health and disease risks, genes that companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA do not test for.

This allows you to get a more complete picture and look even deeper into the underlying causes of your patients’ symptoms AND the natural steps that can give you incredible insight into how to help them restore health!

“My husband, who is a Desert Storm Vet, has struggled with health issues for 20 years and is finally doing better thanks to your work! He is remembering names of people he meets, and he is pleasant to talk to in the mornings now–before I tried to avoid him in the mornings. And his energy is improving! I just had to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Dr. Cheryl L. – Los Angeles, CA

MHG Practitioner Program

How we’re different

Hundreds of practitioners around the country are using our unique protocol to help their patients and clients finally get answers to questions like, “Why am I like this?” and “Why isn’t anything working for me?”

These professionals are leading the way in patient and client care using the only genetic test that links gene variations to metabolic pathways. From there, we provide access to an interactive map of the entire biochemical system.

Every day we get requests for practitioners.

Even with the people already on board, we need thousands of more trailblazers like you to join us and create an online profile. Gene testing is a growing trend and we want to be at the forefront of that trend.

We know our program gives both patients and practitioners more in the way of science to back up recommendations and a deep dive into a person’s genome.

Your bottom line will thank you.

You didn’t become a wellness professional only to make money. 

Truth is though, you must if you are going to take care of yourself, your family, have a life, and help as many people as you came here to help. Our wholesale pricing for practitioners will help you improve your bottom line. 

Here are a few of the ways adding Wholistic Methylation testing to your toolbox will benefit your practice.

  • As a licensed healthcare provider, you are eligible for wholesale pricing on the DNA kit and the reports. You won’t pay a fee for either.
  • Once you are listed in our practitioner search engine you will get new patient referrals.
  • Supplement recommendations will create a continuous revenue stream. We do not sell supplements. Use any professional line you prefer. Many of our professionals use Fullscript for fulfillment for supplements which makes for an easy process.  
  • When more patients have successful outcomes, they will recommend you to friends and family.
For me, as a Practitioner, doing genetics gave me my best year financially even though I did not work as much with a broken kneecap, surgery and recovery! In just over one month my income went up by $50,000! With the help of genetics, I did over $380,000 last year as a single Practitioner clinic!  I mainly work Mon-Weds-Fri long days and now finally have 2 days free for my life!”
Janet Hall, Naturopath

Here’s an in-depth look at what each report will tell you:

Mood and Personality Report

 Mood and Personality Report. The mood and personality report will give you a relative risk of certain brain chemistry and mood imbalances. It also contains a gene table that can let you do an incredible amount of research into what makes you tick. The more you learn, the more you will want to know!


Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations


MHG® Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Based on the data our algorithm reveals, this powerful program can now determine the best possible biochemical approaches — dietary, nutritional and lifestyle – customized to your patient’s unique genetic makeup.  With this report you can finally begin “fine tuning” the specific gene expressions needed to alleviate or even correct the physical and mental symptoms these variants produce in your patient’s life. 

My Healthy Genes Report

MHG® My Healthy Genes Report.  We  have a completely new report just for licensed health care providers. It identifies the genetic variants associated with the biochemical pathways and possible disease risks.  The report has over 500 variants and their associations with various disease risks.  Each variant has links to referenced studies that show where that information was obtained.  In addition, there are labwork recommendations for followup verification of presence of the SNiP and treatment outcomes.

Biochemical Pathway Analysis

MHG® Biochemical Pathway Analysis-This report allows you to fine tune your patient’s care to the most important pathways that are likely to be causing the most symptoms. As a health care provider you can learn a tremendous amount of information about biochemistry and genetics in this report and begin to put the information contained into a deeper understanding of the origins of disease. Each section will take you to a webinar for deeper understanding.  Your patients might enjoy the information too!

Personalized Supplement Recommendations

MHG® Personalized Supplement Recommendations. Due to the powerful results that these recommendations can achieve, this report will only be available through a Wholistic Methylation licensed health care professional.  It’s important for you as a health care provider to know about current medications and possible contraindications before starting your patients on a supplement program and to make sure your patients stay on track. 

Download samples of all our reports. Each one is unique.
Together they will give you a complete picture of your patient’s genetic blueprint.

How do I join MHG as a practitioner?

We can help.

Joining us couldn’t be simpler.

And there is no fee to sign up. Click this link to begin your registration process.

Once we have your practitioner information, we’ll send you a confirmation email with details on what to do next.

Read on for answers to the most common questions people just like you have when considering whether to add Wholistic Methylation testing and reporting to their practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholistic Methylation ®

Is there a fee to be a MHG Practitioner?

There is no fee to be a practitioner unless you want to join our educational portion and be listed as a preferred practitioner. 

All brands recommended are physician’s lines and require a license to purchase them.  They are the highest quality of supplements available and endure thorough quality assurance testing.
Any person of any age can be tested.  The swab makes it easy and gentle for even babies. 
Yes, you can order as many test kits as you like so that they are immediately available for your patients in the office.  .
Yes, we have practitioners all around the country that have been trained in understanding genetics and biochemistry that are willing to coach you and your patients at an hourly fee. 
Yes, you must be a licensed in your state to practice. As long as your scope of practice includes being able to recommend supplements to your patients, that is sufficient. 
Since our genes never change it is not necessary to repeat their test. 
This is up to you as a licensed health care provider to determine. Speaking with your patient's primary care physician about drug interactions is advised. 
Taking the Wholistic Methylation course will give you a great deal of understanding about genetics and methylation along with biochemistry. Learn more at WholisticMethylation.com